Bertin Leader KASOLENE


Bertin LEADER KASOLENE is a young talented leadr and African contemporaly dance choreographer from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bertin is 21 years old with a high school deploma(certificate) in general mechanic. Bertin cofounded SPIRIT OF DANCE DRC and INUKA DANCE COMPANY framed in MAENDELEO Project.

The Maendeleo project is a project that aim at helping street boys through dance and life skills that promotes self discovery. The project empowers these young people to discover their potential to create a positive change in our in their communities. Bertin has facilitaded many workshop in the DRC as a dance choregrapher and performer at Instutit Francais hall of Goma and Bukavu, Yole Africa, Cukudu Art Center…

Bertin has been awarded a merit certificate as the best and youngest professional dance choreographer by EANT Festival in Kigali under the mentorship and guidance by many professors from different countries such as AMERICA, FRANCE, CAMEROON, KENYA AND TOGO. Today Bertin is Volunteering as the sport and entertainment manager and Coleading the NGUFU AFRICA project. In Think Africa Program under COBURWAS International Youth Organization To transform Africa(CIYOTA). Think Africa is an Intensive one year English program that seeks to prepare young people for the university opportunities and other professional life opportunities and where Bertin is doing his gap awey year.

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